We Don’t Go Out

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Put together this shoegazey track with faux electric guitar and reverse reverbed vocals while having a bi-weekly creative get together at my brother’s place. For that yet to be made Sophia Coppola movie soundtrack…


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Old track actually from my Linux days, finally had the time to do some much needed tightening-up. The artwork was done by Laurens:


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“When you are concerned with aesthetics, with images of beauty, you are always exploring. You’re always remaking them, adding to them. They are basically slow-growing things, like plants, and the explosions are rare, but so far as man’s mind is concerned, this is all part of the system.”

Alan Lomax, 1975 — from the Cultural Equity research pages.

№ 1 Candy

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Capital D

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Satisfied with this “D” for a tattoo I’m currently working on.

Push Pop Stack

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Hofstadter reminisces.


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Someone asked about the type I used for my “This Too Shall Pass” wisdom tile. Well, I actually designed it by hand so there was no original font, but this person wants to use it for a tattoo. When I promised to have a go at the design, it turned out my wisdom tile had actually already been applied to someone else’s skin without me knowing it! They were kind enough to send me the proof:


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Got Mochi?

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2010. Ran into this terrific museum in Genoa, Italy, the Edoardo Chiossone Museum of Oriental Art. It was loaded with Samurai armour and Ukiyo-e prints.

One Is Never Enough

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Ain’t it the truth. Based on one of many cool hand-painted street signs in Kenya. Some more sketches up on my Flickr pages.