Purple Orchid

Category : Flowers · No Comments · by Mar 18th, 2012

Recently bought a new orchid, they just keep dying on me. I suppose we’re giving them too much water. The purple color is probably artificial.

Typography Research

Category : My Work, Research & Development, Typography · No Comments · by Mar 11th, 2012

Started a stub on typography under my research section and updated the references.

Bob Dylan Chronicles Volume 1

Category : Books, Folk · No Comments · by Mar 7th, 2012

Got this online for a bargain, a nice black hardcover second hand edition. You get to know a lot about the early sixties period during which he stayed in New York before he got famous. A lot of name checking of legendary and contemporary musicians on the Folk scene, but also references to Jazz musicians, Beat poets, art. An exceptionally long portion is spent on his cooperation with the producer Daniel Lanois. Somehow I doubt there’s going to be another volume, but that’s okay.

DEAF 2012

Good news, DEAF is back!