New Pixodus Look

The Pixodus site has had a redesign and looks fresh as ever!

Je Maintiendrai

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Finished the design for a T-shirt. Going to have some printed for our new webshop and local distribution, more info soon.

The Life Dramatic with Don Johnston Scope

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TLD was conceived after watching films from groundbreaking directors such as Wim Wenders, Jim Jarmush, David Lynch, Wes Anderson, Sofia Copolla and many others. I have always been obsessed with movie soundtracks; some time ago, it occurred to me it would be great to mix up my favorite soundtrack tunes into one big personalized soundtrack to the movie that is called life. After painstakingly digging up songs from the archives, a selection was made and I started mixing them into a narrative. Then I spliced in quotes and snippets from more films and layered the whole thing using lots of delay and reverb effects. The guys at The New Worck were kind enough to premier it on their brand spanking new site. Listen to David toying around with his mic, imagine Dustin being harassed and be reminded that that gum you like is going to come back in style.

The Life Dramatic

Working on a concept for the cover of a new mixtape with music from films.

Business Card

Finally had my business card printed;


Roy of Studio The Powers just added the designs to his portfolio for Naked, a party we organized a long time ago. See the complete post over here.


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Someone asked about the type I used for my “This Too Shall Pass” wisdom tile. Well, I actually designed it by hand so there was no original font, but this person wants to use it for a tattoo. When I promised to have a go at the design, it turned out my wisdom tile had actually already been applied to someone else’s skin without me knowing it! They were kind enough to send me the proof:

One Is Never Enough

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Ain’t it the truth. Based on one of many cool hand-painted street signs in Kenya. Some more sketches up on my Flickr pages.


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Another Andy Gilmore design for Hyperdub’s Ikonika.

93 Million Miles

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Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek are absolutely killing it with their latest, “93 Million Miles” (Warp). The cover art was done by the talented Andy Gilmore.

Africa Hitech - 93 Million Miles